My Bath Half 2013 Story

Running in the Bath Half 2013Sunday 3rd March dawned cold and brittle with ice on the cars an unwelcome sight. I immediately had to rethink my preferred running kit (a vest top & favourite red hoodie) and had to factor an extra layer into the mix, along with race number, safety pins & the Wherever The Need T Shirt I was picking up from the charity tent later. It all added extra unneeded stress that morning.

Even though we had got the kids Fun Run stuff together the previous night there was still a fair amount of faffing to get them ready. Continue reading

To loop or not to loop when training for a race?

Blue skies above Bath KLAXON!So we had snow here in Bath – only for a couple of days last week. You would have thought it was the apocalypse though from the way everything shut down when only a few flakes had fallen. Still to be fair it was nice going sledging with the kids – even if it was at the expense of keeping to my training plan.

And then the pavements were still pretty icy for days after the snowfall – so my supposed long runs were definitely curtailed. And I couldn’t even think about going faster than a cautious shuffle.

So when the weather was predicted to turn for the better this weekend, I was steeling myself for doing my first proper long run in ages. But where to go? The canal? Through town? Continue reading

My running kit – what I need to get out the door

One of the beauties about running for me is its simplicity. There’s not any expensive equipment to get or programme to sign up for. You just get out the door and do it (although on some days that’s a struggle in itself)
Saying that, there are a couple of items of equipment you do need so you don’t injure yourself plus I have a short list of things that I have to have, but it’s purely personal! Continue reading

Why I run alone

Since my running endeavour started I’ve had a few friends suggest coming running along with me.

How do I put this politely? Well, no thanks. It’s not you – it’s me…

Whereas I see lots of women my age & ‘fitness’ running happily together chatting away it’s just not for me. Here’s why: Continue reading

Splish splosh! Training run in the rain

Apologies for the lack of posts of Christmas – life just gets full around this time of year doesn’t it? Dont worry i have been keeping up with my training. I only missed one scheduled run, but that was on Christmas Eve and I had had 3 hours of battling my way around the shops so figured that was plenty of exertion for one day! Plus I think I deserve a bit of kudos for going out for a 10k run on Boxing Day. Continue reading